Leading By Example

Because it's all I can do.



alright so ive seen this compilation post, uploaded by batmanisagatewaydrug around a million fucking times and i’m reuploading it instead of giving it more notes because it’s already at like 220k or something ridiculous like that and i’d just like to say

  1.  theroguefeminist isnt exactly known for phrasing things well & is not always well liked among sj people. what i think they were trying to say is that it’s important to recognize valid parts of people’s identities, as the original post seemed to endorse the “I don’t see you as (x)” sort of mentality
  2. i call bullshit on the messages. OP just wanted notes at the expense of feminism
  3. thebitterfrenchcanadian’s faq confirms that this is a joke and you are all gullible
  4. wolfstirfry’s sidebar says ‘that post was a joke’ on it
  5. it’s not anyone’s responsibility to educate people who are hurting them, and the commenter was making the point that OP was unlikely to have experienced that
  6. troll anon. see use of vuv and incorrect understanding of cultural appropriation
  7. emeralddragoness has deleted but honestly i think this boils down to what a person is comfortable with themselves and OP was rlly rude in response
  8. troll anon again
  9. the way this is full of buzzwords and the cutesy emote at the end makes me think its a troll post although dating, as it doesnt exist in nature, is technically a social construct (not that that’s a bad thing)
  10. this was posted by a literal neo-nazi white supremacist, formerly known as sophia-kaminski. she’s literally the furthest thing from social justice you can get. also, a note to the commenter, race is not just skin color

conclusion: tumblr is gullible as hell and will take any excuse to hate minorities who are sticking up for themselves

glad to see commentary on this, I’ve always eye rolled when the original post rolled across my dash for some reason.


“When thinking of iconic romance, ask yourself if any imagery (paintings, photographs, film-stills) comes to mind that is not showing heterosexual couples? Probably not,” says photographer Braden Summers of his photo series of everyday gay and lesbian couples from around the globe.


Who was I before I started altering myself so that people would like me?

My parents would tell me that I was a negative person constantly, and that I made up tragedies about my life so that people would feel sorry for me. In other words, I was emotionally manipulative.

I think that’s partially true, because I do know I did a lot of unhealthy things as a teenager, but how many of us haven’t? Can’t exactly go back and change it. And there were times when my sadness, my anger, my anxiety, so forth, were very real and were ignored. I was skeptical, yes, cynical, and instead of that being taken as a sign of intelligence or the desire to question others, to think for myself, it was re-written and spit back at me as “negativity.”

I have to work through my childhood even to this day. I think I’m going back over it because I’m no longer under their influence, and I genuinely want to improve. 

Anyway. I think I may have to let some of that negativity actually show in my life because it will keep me from wasting time on people who aren’t really good for me. I don’t mean to say that every person I piss off is a bad person to me or isn’t worth fighting for, but I have had a good number of people walk out of my life, and a part of me wants to get used to that. I want to stop crying over lost friendships, lost lovers, and so forth. I want to stop feeling like I can never disagree with anyone, ever, because I have to be nice.